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Cockatoos for Sale

Cockatoo for Sale

Cockatoo for sale are sensitive birds, however, and require quite a bit of attention and interaction from their owners. Those interested in owning a Cockatoo should make sure that they have plenty of free time to spend with their new pet. They are active birds and need plenty of exercises to maintain their physical health. Fresh fruit is a good source of nutrition for them as well. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and pecans can be used as a training treat and are very healthy for them.

Temperament of Our cockatoos – Cockatoo birds are intelligent, playful and like to socialise. These birds need constant stimulation with toys to play with, and objects to chew, to keep them from getting bored

Diet of Our Cockatoos- Cockatoo seed, grasses, herbs, nuts, seeds, green shoots, berries, roots, leaf buds, insects, larvae, cereal crops, grains, sunflower seeds, fruits.

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