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White fronted Amazon Parrot


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White-Fronted Amazon is one of the smaller of the Amazon species this bird has an enormous confident personality. Even in the wild, it often approaches people, and in captivity, it frequently behaves to form close bonds with a single person, to whom it shows great warmth affection. Their personality, colorful plumage, and great talking ability—along with its relative make this a favorite pet among the Amazon parrots.

White-Fronted Amazon has bright red rings around their eyes, Sparse patches of light blue can be found on their chests and bellies, and their wings are edged in deep blue and red.

The white-fronted amazon is native to Central America and Mexico and is most often seen in small flocks of up to 40 birds. They are seen in a variety of different habitats from wet regions such as rainforests, to drier areas such as cactus savannahs.

A smaller Amazon species, white-fronted Amazons reach only about 10 inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tailfeathers.

Their Average Lifespan in captivity often surviving 50 and more years.


The white-fronted Amazon parrot has a variety of Speech at including squealing, barking sounds, loud harsh trills and notes, and other short, sharp noises. They are not suited as pets for large families with children but may be great for a single owner. They do bond strongly with their owners, but some have a likelihood to become “one-person birds. It is best to socialize them thoroughly at a young age, or they become isolated as they get older.

Caring for White-Fronted Amazon Parrots its love of interactive play with its owner can be a delight for others to witness. These birds tolerate a wide range of temperatures but make sure to keep your bird protected from drafts. Bath your parrot regularly with warm water to keep their feathers moist and clean.

White Fronted Amazon Parrot kept as pets do Feed on a high-quality pelleted diet, supplemented with seed mix and daily servings of fresh bird-safe fruits and vegetables. A fresh and varied diet will help ensure that your bird enjoys top nutrition.

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